Vision & Programme Details

Our Vision

Our goal is to establish a long-term training initiative and interdisciplinary research accelerator that supports the excellence and multidisciplinarity of engineering and social science students from marginalized groups. We will run a pilot programme for the first year, do a programme evaluation, and revise the programme to run over the remaining 3 years of the seed funding we received from the Engendering Success in STEM Consortium.

As we move beyond the 3 years of our seed funding, we may seek to develop a partnership in the talent stream to extend this training initiative into the future and to expand TIDE to workshops that provide other forms of training from the social sciences.

Programme Details

We are launching an annual, 5-day research training and accelerator workshop, Quantitative Methods Training for Intersectional Diversity in Engineering that we abbreviate as “Quant-TIDE.” The first 3 days are methods workshops that each focus on a different advanced method for collecting or analyzing data on human behaviour with a 6-hour workshop on that method. The last 2 days is a research accelerator, where Quant-TIDE students work in interdisciplinary teams to propose a research project that they will submit for potential funding by the Engendering Success in STEM Consortium.

The goal of this diversity initiative is to provide interdisciplinary training in quantitative social science methods (e.g., advanced statistical methods, behavioural methods) to engineering and social science graduate students. These methods will diversify attendee’s methodological toolkits and networks, with the goal of expanding their research, promoting multidisciplinary understanding and collaboration, and making these students even more attractive on the academic or industry job markets.

Students will receive a stipend and travel reimbursement for their attendance. We have 3 years of seed funding as an initiative of the Engendering Success in STEM Consortium. The initial year (2022) will be held remotely to avoid any shifting plans due to COVID-19. The remaining two years of our granting period (2023, 2024) will be held in-person and travel, housing, and meals will be covered for all attendees.

Quant-TIDE will take place over 5 days in Summer 2022 from August 8 to August 12. We are still finalizing the content and scheduling details, but we can share the overall format of Quant-TIDE. We are initially targeting a medium-sized workshop of 20 students to have enough students to create community while also ensuring the group is small enough such that presenters would be able to give students individualized attention when needed. To stay up to date with the latest Quant-TIDE information, please sign up for our newsletter.

2022 Schedule